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How Far Would You Go?

How Far Would You Go to Defend Your Faith?

In our society today there seems to be fewer and fewer long-established principles that people are willing to stand up for.

Traditional marriage – is under severe attack from all sides.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights – are often referred to as antiquated and out of touch with today’s world.

Free Speech – is fine as long as it doesn’t hurt the feelings of those trying to change our beliefs.

Unborn babies - aren’t considered human in the eyes of many unless they are injured or killed in an accident and there is money to be made in a law suit.

Not to mention our rights to bear arms, to express our Christian beliefs in public, or discipline our children in lovingly stern ways.

So what is worth standing up for?

What is worth defending?

And how far would you go to defend it?

How about something as basic as your faith?

Today in America we take for granted our right to freely worship any way we choose!

Why is that?

Is it because:

•we have always had it in our lifetime; it’s just always been that way?

•We have never known what it is like to be denied that freedom of worship?

•It has been “given” to us; we didn’t have to “earn” it or fight for it?

Or is it because:

•It is no longer important to us?

•It too is antiquated, outdated, and no longer applicable to the world today?

OR, God forbid is it because:

•We are simply too lazy or apathetic to defend it?


We don’t realize how important many things are until we no longer have them _


•Running water

•Fully stocked grocery stores


•Cable TV!

•Cell service!

At the rate the world, and in particular our country, is going we could very well loose our right to freely worship in our lifetime.

What is it going to take for us to wake up?

Every day we see more of our Christian morals and ethics compromised.

Every day we see more people succumb to the wickedness of the world.

Every day we see more of churches close for lack of interest;

More people die lost,

More so-called Christians engaging in unthinkable acts of sin without a shred of guilt.

Satan is on a roll. He has the momentum because WE, professing Christians, give it to him.

But God is still in control. He has ALL POWER and ALL KNOWLEDGE.

He has repeatedly proven that all it takes is a few faithful believers that truly love and obey Him and His Word to change the world.

But let’s not make the mistake of thinking that SOMEONE ELSE is that few, that remnant.

If we profess to be a Christian, we should already know that we are the few

•We are the ones to spread God’s truth

•We are the examples of faith

•We are the messengers of the only hope the world has

If we as Christians don’t already know that and act accordingly we are just as lost as those who have never heard the Gospel.

In fact, we are worse.

Referring to Judas, Jesus said, “woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he had not been born.” Matt. 26:24

Christians are called to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Mark 16:15

And the “world” starts right here in Corryton and extends for 25,000 miles in all directions.

We do that because we love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. Luke 10:27.


To do less is to betray the Son of Man.

How far will you go to defend your faith? To be obedient to God’s Word?

Throughout history many have died defending God’s Word and their right to worship freely.

To them it was the most important thing in this world and for eternity.

How important is it to you.

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